A List of the Mosses of THE GREAT STATE OF OHIO
(in order of abundance by county)



Click on a species name to see its statewide distribution.

Anomodon attenuatus (Hedwig) Huebener (87 counties)
Plagiomnium cuspidatum (Hedwig) T.J.Koponen (87 counties)
Entodon seductrix (Hedwig) Müller Hal. (86 counties)
Hygroamblystegium varium (Hedwig) Mönkemeyer var. varium (86 counties)
Platygyrium repens (Bridel) Schimper (85 counties)
Climacium americanum Bridel (82 counties)
Thuidium delicatulum (Hedwig) Schimper (81 counties)
Leskea gracilescens Hedwig (80 counties)
Claopodium rostratum (Hedwig) Ignatov (78 counties)
Atrichum angustatum (Bridel) Schimper (77 counties)
Ceratodon purpureus (Hedwig) Bridel (77 counties)
Oxyrrhynchium hians (Hedwig) Loeske (77 counties)
Leptodictyum riparium (Hedwig) Warnstorf (73 counties)
Fissidens taxifolius Hedwig (72 counties)
Rhynchostegium serrulatum (Hedwig) A.Jaeger (72 counties)
Brachythecium laetum (Bridel) Schimper (71 counties)
Campyliadelphus chrysophyllus (Bridel) Kanda (70 counties)
Dicranum scoparium Hedwig (69 counties)
Polytrichum ohioense Renauld & Cardot (69 counties)
Calliergonella curvifolia (Hedwig) B.H.Allen (67 counties)
Callicladium haldanianum (Greville) H.A.Crum (66 counties)
Schistidium rivulare (Bridel) Podpĕra (66 counties)
Bryoandersonia illecebra (Hedwig) H.Robinson (65 counties)
Calliergonella lindbergii (Mitten) Hedenäs (65 counties)
Dicranella heteromalla (Hedwig) Schimper (64 counties)
Weissia controversa Hedwig (63 counties)
Leucobryum glaucum (Hedwig) Ångström (62 counties)
Bryum argenteum Hedwig (61 counties)
Hedwigia ciliata (Hedwig) P.Beauvois (61 counties)
Plagiothecium cavifolium (Bridel) Z.Iwatsuki (61 counties)
Orthodicranum montanum (Hedwig) Loeske (60 counties)
Barbula unguiculata Hedwig (59 counties)
Entodon cladorrhizans (Hedwig) Müller Hal. (59 counties)
Hypnum imponens Hedwig (58 counties)
Physcomitrium pyriforme (Hedwig) Hampe (58 counties)
Plagiomnium ciliare (Müller Hal.) T.J.Koponen (58 counties)
Amblystegium serpens (Hedwig) Bruch, Schimper & Gümbel (57 counties)
Bryum lisae De Notaris (57 counties)
Ditrichum pallidum (Hedwig) Hampe (57 counties)
Tortella humilis (Hedwig) Jennings (56 counties)
Plagiothecium denticulatum (Hedwig) Schimper (55 counties)
Schistidium apocarpum (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper (55 counties)
Taxiphyllum deplanatum (Bruch & Schimper ex Sullivant) M.Fleischer (55 counties)
Aulacomnium palustre (Hedwig) Schwägrichen (54 counties)
Brachythecium rutabulum (Hedwig) Schimper (54 counties)
Funaria hygrometrica Hedwig (54 counties)
Bryhnia graminicolor (Bridel) Grout (53 counties)
Pylaisiadelpha tenuirostris (Bruch & Schimper ex Sullivant) W.R.Buck (53 counties)
Arrhenopterum heterostichum Hedwig (52 counties)
Eurhynchiastrum pulchellum (Hedwig) Ignatov & Huttunen (52 counties)
Homomallium adnatum (Hedwig) Brotherus (52 counties)
Anomodon minor (Hedwig) Lindberg (51 counties)
Haplocladium microphyllum (Hedwig) Brotherus (51 counties)
Sciuro-hypnum plumosum (Hedwig) Ignatov & Huttunen (51 counties)
Atrichum altecristatum (Renauld & Cardot) B.B.Symth & L.C.D.Symth (50 counties)
Orthodicranum fulvum (Hooker) G.Roth (50 counties)
Orthotrichum pumilum Swartz (50 counties)
Pohlia nutans (Hedwig) Lindberg (50 counties)
Rhizomnium punctatum (Hedwig) T.J.Koponen (50 counties)
Atrichum crispulum Bescherelle (49 counties)
Bryhnia novae-angliae (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Grout (48 counties)
Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedwig) P.Gaertner, B.Meyer & Scherbius (48 counties)
Fissidens bryoides Hedwig (48 counties)
Sematophyllum adnatum (Michaux) E.Britton (48 counties)
Tetraphis pellucida Hedwig (48 counties)
Orthodicranum viride (Sullivant & Lesquereux) G.Roth (47 counties)
Bryum capillare Hedwig (45 counties)
Orthodicranum flagellare (Hedwig) Loeske (45 counties)
Brachythecium acuminatum (Hedwig) Austin (43 counties)
Hygroamblystegium varium (Hedwig) Mönkemeyer var. humile (43 counties)
Pohlia wahlenbergii (F.Weber & D.Mohr) A.L.Andrews (43 counties)
Campylophyllum hispidulum (Bridel) Hedenäs (42 counties)
Polytrichum commune Hedwig (42 counties)
Brachythecium rivulare Schimper (41 counties)
Bryum caespiticium Hedwig (41 counties)
Gymnostomum aeruginosum Smith (41 counties)
Tortula obtusifolia (Schwägrichen) Mathieu (41 counties)
Anomodon tristis (Cesati) Sullivant & Lesquereux (40 counties)
Ctenidium subrectifolium (Bridel) W.R.Buck & B.H.Allen (40 counties)
Fissidens dubius P.Beauvois (40 counties)
Orthotrichum ohioense Sullivant & Lesquereux (40 counties)
Syntrichia papillosa (Wilson) Juratzka (40 counties)
Taxiphyllum taxirameum (Mitten) M.Fleischer (40 counties)
Drepanocladus aduncus (Hedwig) Warnstorf (39 counties)
Bartramia pomiformis Hedwig (38 counties)
Campylium stellatum (Hedwig) C.E.O.Jensen (37 counties)
Leskea obscura Hedwig (37 counties)
Leucodon julaceus (Hedwig) Sullivant (37 counties)
Diphyscium foliosum (Hedwig) D.Mohr (36 counties)
Hypnum pallescens (Hedwig) P.Beauvois (36 counties)
Rhodobryum ontariense (Kindberg) Kindberg (36 counties)
Sematophyllum demissum (Wilson) Mitten (36 counties)
Dicranella varia (Hedwig) Schimper (35 counties)
Leucobryum albidum (P.Beauvois) Lindberg (35 counties)
Polytrichum juniperinum Hedwig (35 counties)
Thuidium recognitum (Hedwig) Lindberg (35 counties)
Helodium paludosum Austin (34 counties)
Orthotrichum stellatum Bridel (34 counties)
Pogonatum pensilvanicum (Hedwig) P.Beauvois (34 counties)
Sphagnum palustre Linnaeus (34 counties)
Brachythecium campestre (Müller Hal.) Schimper (33 counties)
Brachythecium falcatum (Grout) H.A.Crum (33 counties)
Haplocladium virginianum (Bridel) Brotherus (33 counties)
Plagiothecium laetum Schimper (33 counties)
Sphagnum fimbriatum Wilson & Hooker (33 counties)
Fissidens adianthoides Hedwig (32 counties)
Orthotrichum pusillum Mitten (32 counties)
Pleurozium schreberi (Willdenow ex Bridel) Mitten (32 counties)
Leptobryum pyriforme (Hedwig) Wilson (31 counties)
Tortula porteri (James) Brotherus (31 counties)
Leskea polycarpa Hedwig (30 counties)
Sphagnum capillifolium (Ehrhart) Hedwig (30 counties)
Orthotrichum strangulatum P.Beauvois (29 counties)
Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans (Bridel) Z.Iwatsuki (29 counties)
Pylaisiadelpha recurvans (Michaux) W.R.Buck (29 counties)
Ulota crispula Bruchner (29 counties)
Drummondia prorepens (Hedwig) E.Britton (28 counties)
Fissidens obtusifolius Wilson (28 counties)
Hymenostylium recurvirostrum (Hedwig) Dixon (28 counties)
Forsstroemia trichomitria (Hedwig) Lindberg (27 counties)
Fissidens osmundioides Hedwig (26 counties)
Homalotheciella subcapillata (Hedwig) Brotherus (26 counties)
Physcomitrium serratum (Wilson & Hooker) Müller Hal. (26 counties)
Plagiomnium ellipticum (Bridel) T.J.Koponen (26 counties)
Pylaisia condensata (Mitten) A.Jaeger (26 counties)
Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedwig) Spruce (25 counties)
Ditrichum pusillum (Hedwig) Hampe (25 counties)
Thelia hirtella (Hedwig) Sullivant (25 counties)
Pseudotaxiphyllum distichaceum (Mitten) Z.Iwatsuki (24 counties)
Sphagnum fallax (H.Klinggräff) H.Klinggräff (24 counties)
Fissidens subbasilaris Hedwig (23 counties)
Hyophila involuta (Hooker) A.Jaeger (23 counties)
Mnium marginatum (Dickson ex Withering) P.Beauvois (23 counties)
Pleuridium subulatum (Hedwig) Rabenhorst (23 counties)
Thelia asprella (Schimper) Sullivant (23 counties)
Dicranum polysetum Swartz (22 counties)
Isopterygium tenerum (Swartz) Mitten (22 counties)
Pelekium minutulum (Hedwig) A.Touw (22 counties)
Thamnobryum alleghaniense (Müller Hal.) Nieuwland (22 counties)
Bryum flaccidum Bridel (21 counties)
Hypnum cupressiforme Hedwig (21 counties)
Philonotis fontana (Hedwig) Bridel (21 counties)
Rhynchostegium aquaticum A.Jaeger (21 counties)
Anacamptodon splachnoides (Froelich ex Bridel) Bridel (20 counties)
Fissidens fontanus (Bachelot de la Pylaie) Steudel (20 counties)
Fontinalis novae-angliae Sullivant (20 counties)
Philonotis marchica (Hedwig) Bridel (20 counties)
Sphagnum recurvum P.Beauvois (20 counties)
Tortella tortuosa (Hedwig) Limpricht (20 counties)
Fissidens minutulus Sullivant (19 counties)
Funaria flavicans Michaux (19 counties)
Pelekium pygmaeum (Schimper) A.Touw (19 counties)
Plagiomnium rostratum (Schrader) T.J.Koponen (19 counties)
Rhytidium rugosum (Hedwig) Kindberg (19 counties)
Calliergonella cuspidata (Hedwig) Loeske (18 counties)
Dicranodontium denudatum (Bridel) E.Britton (18 counties)
Dicranum ontariense W.L.Peterson (18 counties)
Isopterygiopsis muelleriana (Schimper) Z.Iwatsuki (18 counties)
Polytrichum pallidisetum Funck (18 counties)
Serpoleskea confervoides (Bridel) Loeske (18 counties)
Calliergon cordifolium (Hedwig) Kindberg (17 counties)
Lindbergia brachyptera (Mitten) Kindberg (17 counties)
Pylaisia intricata (Hedwig) Schimper (17 counties)
Atrichum tenellum (Röhling) Bruch (16 counties)
Dicranum fuscescens Turner (16 counties)
Grimmia pilifera P.Beauvois (16 counties)
Schwetschkeopsis fabronia (Schwägrichen) Brotherus (16 counties)
Sphagnum squarrosum Crome (16 counties)
Weissia muhlenbergiana (Swartz) W.D.Reese & B.A.E.Lemmon (16 counties)
Brothera leana (Sullivant) Müller Hal. (15 counties)
Ditrichum lineare (Swartz) Lindberg (15 counties)
Mnium stellare Hedwig (15 counties)
Schistidium viride H.H.Blom & Darigo (15 counties)
Tortula acaulon (Withering) R.H.Zander (15 counties)
Clasmatodon parvulus (Hampe) Sullivant (14 counties)
Conardia compacta (Hooker) H.Robinson (14 counties)
Dicranella rufescens (Withering) Schimper (14 counties)
Fissidens bushii (Cardot & Thériot) Cardot & Thériot. (14 counties)
Herzogiella striatella (Bridel) Z.Iwatsuki (14 counties)
Polytrichum piliferum Hedwig (14 counties)
Pseudocampylium radicale (P.Beauvois) Vanderpoorten & Hedenäs (14 counties)
Sphagnum divinum Flatberg & Hassel (14 counties)
Sphagnum lescurii Sullivant (14 counties)
Sphagnum subsecundum Nees (14 counties)
Atrichum crispum (James) Sullivant (13 counties)
Bruchia flexuosa (Schwägrichen) Müller Hal. (13 counties)
Fissidens exilis Hedwig (13 counties)
Grimmia plagiopodia Hedwig (13 counties)
Rhabdoweisia crispata (Dickson ex Withering) Lindberg (13 counties)
Sphagnum affine Renauld & Cardot (13 counties)
Brachythecium rotaeanum De Notaris (12 counties)
Didymodon fallax (Hedwig) R.H.Zander (12 counties)
Herzogiella turfacea (Lindberg) Z.Iwatsuki (12 counties)
Leucodon sciuroides (Hedwig) Schwägrichen (12 counties)
Plagiothecium latebricola Schimper (12 counties)
Sphagnum fuscum (Schimper) H.Klinggräff (12 counties)
Ulota coarctata (P.Beauvois) Hammar (12 counties)
Bryoxiphium norvegicum (Bridel) Mitten (11 counties)
Dicranum spurium Hedwig (11 counties)
Fontinalis sphagnifolia (Müller Hal.) Wijk & Margadant (11 counties)
Mnium hornum Hedwig (11 counties)
Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus (Hedwig) Warnstoff (11 counties)
Sphagnum cuspidatum Hoffman (11 counties)
Sphagnum girgensohnii Russow (11 counties)
Sphagnum russowii Warnstoff (11 counties)
Timmia megapolitana Hedwig (11 counties)
Abietinella abietina (Hedwig) M.Fleischer (10 counties)
Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostre (Hedwig) P.C.Chen (10 counties)
Bryum algovicum Sendtner ex Müller Hal. (10 counties)
Dicranum condensatum Hedwig (10 counties)
Didymodon tophaceus (Bridel) Lisa (10 counties)
Drepanocladus polygamus (Schimper) Hedenäs (10 counties)
Fissidens elegans Bridel (10 counties)
Helodium blandowii (F.Weber & D.Mohr) Warnstorf (10 counties)
Lewinskya elegans (Schwägrichen ex Hooker & Greville) F.Lara, Garilleti & Goffinet (10 counties)
Lewinskya sordida (Sullivant & Lesquereux) F.Lara, Garilleti & Goffinet (10 counties)
Loeskeobryum brevirostre (Bridel) M.Fleischer ex Brotherus (10 counties)
Pohlia annotina (Hedwig) Lindberg (10 counties)
Polytrichum strictum Bridel (10 counties)
Ptychomitrium incurvum (Schwägrichen) Spruce (10 counties)
Scorpidium cossonii (Schimper) Hedenäs (10 counties)
Brachytheciastrum velutinum (Hedwig) Ignatov & Huttunen (9 counties)
Bryum dichotomum Hedwig (9 counties)
Buxbaumia aphylla Hedwig (9 counties)
Dicranella cerviculata (Hedwig) Schimper (9 counties)
Discelium nudum (Dickson) Bridel (9 counties)
Eucladium verticillatum (Bridel) Bruch & Schimper (9 counties)
Helodium elodioides (Renauld & Cardot) B.H.Allen (9 counties)
Hookeria acutifolia Hooker & Greville (9 counties)
Hypnum pratense Koch ex Spruce (9 counties)
Myurella sibirica (Müller Hal.) Reimers (9 counties)
Ptilium crista-castrensis (Hedwig) De Notaris (9 counties)
Rauiella scita (P.Beauvois) Reimers (9 counties)
Sphagnum compactum Lamarck & De Candolle (9 counties)
Syntrichia laevipila Bridel (9 counties)
Brachythecium acutum (Mitten) Sullivant (8 counties)
Cirriphyllum piliferum (Hedwig) Grout (8 counties)
Dichodontium pellucidum (Hedwig) Schimper (8 counties)
Encalypta procera Bruch (8 counties)
Entodon brevisetus (Hooker & Wilson) Lindberg (8 counties)
Entodon challengeri (Paris) Cardot (8 counties)
Fabronia ciliaris (Bridel) Bridel (8 counties)
Fontinalis dalecarlica Bruch & Schimper (8 counties)
Mnium thomsonii Schimper (8 counties)
Nyholmiella obtusifolia Holmen & Warncke (8 counties)
Orthotrichum anomalum Hedwig (8 counties)
Platylomella lescurii (Sullivant) A.L.Andrews (8 counties)
Tortula truncata (Hedwig) Mitten (8 counties)
Ephemerum spinulosum Bruch & Schimper (7 counties)
Grimmia pulvinata (Hedwig) Smith (7 counties)
Hygrohypnum luridum (Hedwig) Jennings (7 counties)
Isopterygiopsis pulchella (Hedwig) Z. Iwatsuki (7 counties)
Leucodon brachypus Bridel (7 counties)
Neckera pennata Hedwig (7 counties)
Philonotis longiseta (Michaux) E.Britton (7 counties)
Pohlia elongata Hedwig (7 counties)
Scorpidium revolvens (Swartz) Rubers (7 counties)
Sphagnum papillosum Lindberg (7 counties)
Sphagnum rubellum Wilson (7 counties)
Warnstorfia fluitans (Hedwig) Loeske (7 counties)
Barbula convoluta Hedwig (6 counties)
Campylostelium saxicola (F.Weber & D.Mohr) Bruch & Schimper (6 counties)
Cryphaea glomerata Schimper ex Sullivant (6 counties)
Dichelyma capillaceum (Withering) Myrin (6 counties)
Ephemerum serratum (Hedwig) Hampe (6 counties)
Grimmia laevigata (Bridel) Bridel (6 counties)
Hygrohypnum eugyrium (Schimper) Loeske (6 counties)
Physcomitrium patens (Hedwig) Mitten (6 counties)
Plagiomnium medium (Bruch & Schimper) T.J.Koponen (6 counties)
Pohlia melanodon (Bridel) A.J.Shaw (6 counties)
Serpoleskea subtilis (Hedwig) Loeske (6 counties)
Andreaea rothii F.Weber & D.Mohr (5 counties)
Anoectangium stracheyanum Mitten (5 counties)
Anomodon viticulosus (Hedwig) Hooker & Taylor (5 counties)
Campylostelium brachycarpum (Noguchi) Z.Iwatsuki, Tateishi & Tad.Suzuki (5 counties)
Didymodon rigidulus Hedwig (5 counties)
Ditrichum rhynchostegium Kindberg (5 counties)
Fontinalis hypnoides Hartman (5 counties)
Fontinalis sullivantii Lindberg (5 counties)
Grimmia anodon Bruch & Schimper (5 counties)
Hylocomium splendens (Hedwig) Schimper (5 counties)
Palustriella falcata (Bridel) Hedenäs (5 counties)
Pogonatum brachyphyllum (Michaux) P.Beauvois (5 counties)
Sanionia uncinata (Hedwig) Loeske (5 counties)
Sciuro-hypnum populeum (Hedwig) Ignatov & Huttunen (5 counties)
Sphagnum centrale C.E.O.Jenson (5 counties)
Sphagnum teres Ångström (5 counties)
Syntrichia ruralis (Hedwig) F.Weber & D.Mohr (5 counties)
Syrrhopodon texanus Sullivant (5 counties)
Tortula mucronifolia Schwägrichen (5 counties)
Acaulon muticum (Hedwig) Müller Hal. (4 counties)
Archidium alternifolium (Dickson ex Hedwig) Mitten (4 counties)
Archidium ohioense Müller Hal. (4 counties)
Barbula indica (Hooker) Sprengel (4 counties)
Calliergon giganteum (Schimper) Kindberg (4 counties)
Dicranum bonjeanii De Notaris (4 counties)
Ephemerum cohaerens (Hedwig) Hampe (4 counties)
Ephemerum crassinervium (Schwägrichen) Hampe var. crassinervium (4 counties)
Fissidens hyalinus Wilson & Hooker f. (4 counties)
Hamatocaulis vernicosus (Mitten) Hedenäs (4 counties)
Mnium lycopodioides Schwägrichen (4 counties)
Mnium spinulosum Bruch & Schimper (4 counties)
Physcomitrium immersum Sullivant (4 counties)
Pleuridium acuminatum Lindberg (4 counties)
Rhizomnium magnifolium (Horikawa) T.J.Koponen (4 counties)
Sarmentypnum exannulatum (Schimper) Hedenäs (4 counties)
Sematophyllum marylandicum (Müller Hal.) E.Britton (4 counties)
Tetrodontium brownianum (Dickson) Schwägrichen (4 counties)
Trematodon longicollis Michaux (4 counties)
Trichostomum tenuirostre (Hooker & Taylor) Lindberg (4 counties)
Amphidium mougeotii (Bruch & Schimper) Schimper (3 counties)
Bryum uliginosum (Bridel) Bruch & Schimper (3 counties)
Campylopus tallulensis Sullivant & Lesquereux (3 counties)
Didymodon ferrugineus (Schimper ex Bescherelle) M.O.Hill (3 counties)
Forsstroemia producta (Hornschuch) Paris (3 counties)
Jaffueliobryum wrightii (Sullivant) Thériot (3 counties)
Micromitrium tenerum (Bruch & Schimper) Crosby (3 counties)
Physcomitrium collenchymatum Gier (3 counties)
Plagiomnium drummondii (Bruch & Schimper) T.J.Koponen (3 counties)
Pohlia lescuriana (Sullivant) Ochi (3 counties)
Polytrichum longisetum Swartz ex Bridel (3 counties)
Pylaisia polyantha (Hedwig) Schimper (3 counties)
Racomitrium venustum Frisvoll (3 counties)
Schistidium crassithecium H.H.Blom ex B.H.Allen (3 counties)
Sciuro-hypnum reflexum (Starke) Ignatov & Huttunen (3 counties)
Seligeria pusilla (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper (3 counties)
Sphagnum bartlettianum Warnstorf (3 counties)
Sphagnum inundatum Russow (3 counties)
Sphagnum riparium Ångström (3 counties)
Sphagnum warnstorfii Russow (3 counties)
Straminergon stramineum (Dickson ex Bridel) Hedenäs (3 counties)
Thelia lescurii Sullivant (3 counties)
Tortula muralis Hedwig (3 counties)
Ulota hutchinsiae (Smith) Hammar (3 counties)
Weissia sharpii L.E.Anderson & B.A.E.Lemmon (3 counties)
Anomobryum julaceum Schrader ex P.Gaertner (2 counties)
Dicranella schreberiana (Hedwig) Hilferty ex H.A.Crum & L.E.Anderson (2 counties)
Dicranum undulatum Bridel (2 counties)
Diphyscium mucronifolium Mitten (2 counties)
Fontinalis antipyretica Hedwig (2 counties)
Grimmia olneyi Sullivant (2 counties)
Hygrohypnum ochraceum (Turner ex Wilson) Loeske (2 counties)
Meesia longiseta Hedwig (2 counties)
Micromitrium synoicum (James) Austin (2 counties)
Oncophorus wahlenbergii Bridel (2 counties)
Platydictya jungermannioides (Bridel) H.A.Crum (2 counties)
Pohlia atropurpurea (Wahlenberg) H.Lindberg (2 counties)
Pohlia bulbifera (Warnstorf) Warnstorf (2 counties)
Polytrichum formosum Hedwig (2 counties)
Pseudocalliergon trifarium (F.Weber & D.Mohr) Loeske (2 counties)
Ptychomitrium drummondii (Wilson) Sullivant (2 counties)
Saelania glaucescens (Hedwig) Brotherus (2 counties)
Schistostega pennata (Hedwig) F.Weber & D.Mohr (2 counties)
Sciuro-hypnum curtum (Lindberg) Ignatov (2 counties)
Scorpidium scorpioides (Hedwig) Limpricht (2 counties)
Seligeria calcarea (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper (2 counties)
Seligeria donniana (Smith) Müller Hal. (2 counties)
Seligeria recurvata (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper (2 counties)
Sphagnum contortum Schultz (2 counties)
Thuidium alleniorum Austin (2 counties)
Thuidium assimile (Mitten) A.Jaeger (2 counties)
Tomentypnum nitens (Hedwig) Loeske (2 counties)
Tortella inclinata (R.Hedwig) Limpricht (2 counties)
Tortula cernua (Heubener) Lindberg (2 counties)
Weissia brachycarpa (Nees & Hornschuch) Juratzka (2 counties)
Zygodon rupestris Schimper ex Lorentz (2 counties)
Andreaea rupestris Hedwig (1 counties)
Bryum cyclophyllum (Schwägrichen) Bruch & Schimper (1 counties)
Bryum klinggraeffii Schimper (1 counties)
Buxbaumia minakatae S.Okamura (1 counties)
Campylopus pilifer Bridel (1 counties)
Cyrtomnium hymenophylloides (Heubener) T.J.Koponen (1 counties)
Encalypta ciliata Hedwig (1 counties)
Ephemerum crassinervium (Schwägrichen) Hampe var. texanum (1 counties)
Fissidens closteri Austin (1 counties)
Hygrohypnum closteri (Austin) Grout (1 counties)
Physcomitrium hookeri Hampe (1 counties)
Pleuriditrichum marylandicum A.L.Andrews & F.J.Hermann (1 counties)
Rhizomnium appalachianum T.J.Koponen (1 counties)
Schistidium lancifolium (Kindberg) H.H.Blom (1 counties)
Seligeria campylopoda Kindberg (1 counties)
Serpoleskea minutissima (Sullivant & Lesquereux) W.R.Buck & B.H.Allen (1 counties)
Sphagnum wulfianum Girgensohn (1 counties)
Tortula plinthobia (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Brotherus (1 counties)
Weissia ludoviciana (Sullivant) W.D.Reese & B.A.E.Lemmon (1 counties)
Archidium donnellii Austin (0 counties)
Bryum pallescens Schleicher ex Schwägrichen (0 counties)
Dicranella palustris (Dickson) E.F.Warburg (0 counties)
Pleuridium ravenelii Austin (0 counties)
Sphagnum subnitens Russow & Warnstorf (0 counties)
Splachnum ampullaceum Hedwig (0 counties)
Tortella rigens Albertsonn (0 counties)
Weissia phascopsis R.H.Zander (0 counties)