New Squamulose Lichen Species

While collecting general lichens in Trumbull County in 1993, a species of squamulose lichen in the genus Acarospora was collected from sandstone in Vernon Center Cemetery (Don Flenniken, #1465). Being rather obviously different from the common Acarospora fuscata, the specimen was sent to Kerry Knudsen (University of Southern California Herbarium) for review. Knudsen is currently working on a revision of the North American species of Acarospora and preparing the genus chapter in The Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region, Vol. 3. He had previously discovered material in California that had not been described and found that the Ohio material matched this western material. Knudsen is preparing a description (in the Sonoran Desert lichen flora volume) of this as a new species, under the name Acarospora oreophila K. Knudsen. The Ohio voucher is retained in the University of Southern California Herbarium (UCR).

Don Flenniken
(published in OBELISK, Vol. 3, p. 1)