Upcoming Forays/Workshops of the
Ohio Moss and Lichen Association

Summer Foray: The 2018 Summer Foray will be in Wayne County on June 9th. Thank you Julia Wiesenberg for planning this event!

Fall Foray:  The 2018 Fall Foray, planned by Barb Andreas, will be in Hocking County on September 29-30. If your schedule permits you are welcome to come on the 28th. The Foray will visit several locations in Crane Hollow, one of the finest nature preserves and wild areas in Ohio. The areas visited are relatively new acquisitions that have not yet been surveyed for lichens and mosses. Free lodging will be available.

What is a Foray? We have many new OMLA members, so here is an explanation of a foray.  The purpose of the foray is to collect as many species as possible. Typically the Fall Foray is a 2-day one, while the Summer Foray is Saturday only. The group meets either Saturday morning and goes to a selected natural area and spreads out to collect (permits are arranged in advance).  For 2-day forays a “scope room” is reserved and on Saturday late afternoon and evening, the group  works on the identification of the material collected.  Many members have their own scopes, but there are always a few extras around for those who don’t have scopes.   A new member might want to pair up with a more advanced person to learn some techniques. Sunday, after breakfast, the group again goes to a selected natural areas to further collect.  

Perhaps the most important mission of OMLA is to further knowledge about the distributions of mosses and lichens, and each foray concentrates on a particular county. Forays are a great way to make friends with folks interested in cryptogams.

 Please contact the trip leaders to let them know you’re planning to attend. Alternatively, or if you have any questions about this trip or OMLA in general, please email the webmaster.