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OMLA at Chapin Forest

Hello OMLA members. It’s time to submit the bryophye and lichen lists from our forays to the editors of OBELISK so that the tallies can appear in this year’s newsletter. Feel free to send your complete list of Lake County (Fall Foray) findings to me (Bob Klips) via the “webmaster” link above, or directly to my usual OSU email.

New this year: adding observations online here. Since we aggregate observations by all the members who visit the sites during the forays or independently several weeks before the date we go as a group, we only need only new observations, i.e., ones that are additional to what has already been turned in. Below, see lists of all the mosses, liverworts and lichens that have beens ubmitted thus far. Please add additional observations in the “comments” field below, and I will promptly add them to the list.

Bob Klips (klips”dot”

Hidden Lake (both sites)

Mosses of Hidden Lake

Anacamptodon splachnoides
Atrichum crispulum
Atrichum crispum
Aulacomnium palustre
Barbula unguiculata
Bryhnia novae-angliae
Bryoandersonia illecebra
Bryum argenteum
Callicladium haldanianum
Calliergonella lindbergii
Ceratodon purpureus
Climacium americanum
Dicranum montanum
Entodon seductrix
Fissidens taxifolius
Hedwigia ciliata
Helodium paludosum
Hygroamblystegium varium
Leucobryum albidum
Orthotrichum anomalum
Plagiomnium cuspidatum
Plagiothecium laetum
Platygyrium repens
Polytrichum ohioense
Pylaisiadelpha tenuirostris
Sphagnum palustre
Sphagnum subsecundum
Tetraphis pellucida
Thuidium delicatulum
Ulota crispula

Liverworts of Hidden Lake

Nowellia curvifolia

Lichens of Hidden Lake

Chapin Quarry Forest (quarry floor and surrounding ridge)

Mosses of Chapin Forest

Aulacomnium palustre
Atrichum angustatum
Callicladium haldanianum
Ceratodon purpureus
Dicranella heteromalla
Dicranodontium denudatum
Dicranum fulvum
Dicranum montanum
Dicranum scoparium
Hypnum imponens
Hypnum pallescens
Leucobryum glaucum
Plagiothecium cavifolium
Platygyrium repens
Pleurozium schreberi
Pohlia nutans
Polytrichum juniperinum
Polytrichum piliferum
Pylaisiadelpha tenuirostris
Sphagnum capillifolium
Sphagnum lescurii
Sphagnum palustre
Sphagnum recurvum
Sphagnum russowii
Taxiphyllum deplanatum

Liverworts of Chapin Forest

Cephaloziella hampeana
Frullania eboracensis
Lophozia incisa
Odontoschisma sphagnii
Pellia epiphylla
Ptilidium pulcherrimum
Scapania nemorea

Lichens of Chapin Forest

The Sunday Morning Site

Mosses of The Sunday Morning Site

Liverworts of The Sunday Morning Site

Lichens of The Sunday Morning Site

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